The BF

I just waved him goodbye on his way to the airport to head off to the US. I'll be joining him in a month and hardly can wait!

I was trying to convince him to open his own Style Diary but he refused :p

vest by H&M - shirt by American Eagle from the US - gray jeans by Replay - shoes by Adidas from Tokyo

So Much To Tell You

Firstly I've been to H&M to kill time between lectures (ya, bad me, bad bad bad!) and just wanted to drop this picture of a dress I tried on, because I think it's pretty nice and has a nice feel to it. It reminds me of something design-y and isn't the block colors adorable?
It's from the Trend line and with 30€ not really a pop but not so expensive either, so if you think about getting it, think of me when you do!

This is what I came out with in the end.
Sorry, I blurred my face because I was looking particularly stoopid. Never mind.

The dress ain't that super-duper-cool like I found it when I was trying it on in the cabin, but this happens sometimes. Do you feel the same? Like the clothes you just found awesome when trying on but not so anymore, when coming home? Am I delusional?

Secondly I wanted to thank thank thank all of you who left and leave me all those lovely comments! I really appreciate each comment I'm getting on my blogs, but even more those I'm getting on my personal blog about me and my style here, of course.

I even love them for still another important reason. I'm ├╝berexcited lately because I've gotten to some of the coolest blog for the first time by simply tracking my commentors back and found that there is still so much inspiration and mind-blowing style out there to be discovered. I've found so many new styles to blog about at Picky Picks Pics - it's unbelievable fun! My Google-Reader list contains about 150 blogs by now.
So thank you, kisses, bussis, bisous and hugs and another 1000 thank yous! Although I may not always comment back, be sure I check out your blog as well, so to say, it pays to comment ;))

And last but not least, although I'm mad late with this, I want to join in the big bloggers' swap introduced by LC. I don't know if there is someone interested in exchanging clothes with me, but maybe we could get something rolling.
This is the dress I actually wore today but I don't really like it anymore. It's by H&M and EU38 (m) (I'm usually wearing EU34 or 36 (xs-s), so it's not even my size, actually, but it fits me well, as you see!). It's a really crisp white and has a paper-y texture. If you know the COS-clothes and their stiff material which is a little of their trademark - that's it!

For some other close-ups click here and here for my Style Diary.

I'm thinking about posting still some other things to swap for other clothes or you can pay money for it, as well. Just as you like it. Just leave a comment, post your own stuff on your blog for other blogger to see, too, or mail to and "bid" or offer anything you like. I'll decide whether to swap for it or to keep it. Since this is just a game I hope we'll be having a little fun with it and I'm not gonna be sad or disappointed if no one wants it. Just drop a line if you want and don't, if you don't :)

I Let In A Monster

I was dislodged from my study today because the bf moved in with me and got it for himself, since he's working from home and does need it more than me. I'm not studying most of the time, anyways.

Since it's the room I have always comfortably taken my pictures in standing in front of the white wall which served me as white canvas for my outfit pics, I thus had to try out some other places to take them instead.

You know, it's not always this chaotic in this corner of my living room. I promise.

Just when I revised my pictures I realized how T I N Y I am. I look like a little dwarf in my kitchen corner.

Finally I think this oriel does frame my poses pretty nicely. But as soon as the bf takes off to the US I'll claim my study and my white wall back.

The Antonym Is Black

After this cutie-pie outfit I was obviously craving for some black a few days long.

Also, I heard of Heath Ledger's dead and was very touched by this sudden and shocking news. It struck me very hard, since he is so young and just got a little daughter and surely left his loved ones more baffled and overwhelmed than me. It's sad and has been completely unexpected.


Michael Jackson's Thriller

Ah you need to know I LOVE music. In a rather naive kind of way. I love good music and whenever I hear good music I HAVE to sing along - I can't help it. And I'm having fun being all alone in my room and dancing too if I'm really getting into the mood. And I love hearing it loud. A dream's night out and about would be having a DJ playing all the finest pop and R'n'B songs which lyrics I know by heart and all songs just need to be really catchy and fun. Music I like just makes me happy!

Don't get me wrong. I even love music this grown up way of loving it. I listen to complicated music and I like classic. I can go very deep into music.

But it's pop and indie pop and charts music I turn to to just have fun! Yay.

So I started listening to the radio again and catching up with the newest stuff and really like what I hear - Kate Nash, Sugababes and Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse (COULD be that Germany is a little behind with music, don't blame me).

And then I heard that Michael Jackson is planning on a comeback of the legendary Jackson Five.

But just to be sure that his income was assured, he has also re-made his monumental solo-album Thriller and it's now out in stores.

I don't even know the original version or if there has ever been one, but I found this The Girl Is Mine extraordinarily catchy.

Also on this album is a new version of "Beat It", which hasn't fantastically been changed, except that Fergie takes over for some beats or so. Unfortunately (for Michael Jackson, I have my fun with it), everytime I hear "Beat It" now, it reminds me of this version by Weird Al Yankowic, "Eat It".

It's like I've been watching The Ring some couple of years back - I had seen Scream 2 or 3 first and then watched the original and there was no way getting scared - always had to think about Pamela Anderson.

Oh, still, Beat It is forever catchy!

Ah yes,

I totally forgot to mention that someone thinks I'm really cool, haha. Finally!

Click here to follow my stardom!

I Have So Many Ideas For Great Posts At The Moment

but it's unbelievable how much time it usually takes me to create them, expecially since my English is so unrefined and actually consists of rather rudimentary fragments I often have to stop and think twice where to put the adverb.

I hope you're going to check back often, though. I have a very cool post for Picky Picks Pics in mind and I was soon going to go more into the Tokyo Trend Report because I don't find I have given you a very accurate picture of what's in right now, but I'd love to talk about it!

Don't Be Such A Cutie Pie

Before you go on reading here, I'd recommend reading this post by The Clothes Horse first, because what has been the conclusion of her little "experiment" may be the exact thing going on with myself here.

The way I dress is partly a protecting shield to me. Neither do I want to go under, nor do I want to get hurt by other people's stares or comments. It's tough standing out and not drawing some sort of spiteful or begrudging attention, especially since the way I dress is not neccessarily what most people find pretty or often appears strange. I can't really say that I like or wish to stand out, but what I can say is that I don't like the usual style people are dressed here and dressing up is, as I said, a part of my personality, it emphasizes how I feel and how I want me to be and I simply like throwing things together in an unexpected way. So I guess I just have to reckon stares and pokes and cannot avoid people looking and whispering. In a way I provoke it. But! therefore it is the more important to me to feel good in my clothes, in my skin, since the whole world is watching and judging. The least I can do is stand up for my choices and feel right for how I display myself on the outside. I make firm statements with how I dress, because I fear of what I could possibly evoke if I didn't. I don't show much of my skin because I don't want to be sexy, I don't dress for men. And I don't want to be cute, either, because I am not helpless and I don't want anyone to think so.

That's the reason

1.) why I love wearing black - it's an intense color, it's not neutral, but it's strong and uncomplicated. It matches with almost everything and if my outfit takes a tendency to becoming too feminine and cute, black de-cute-ifies. In an instant.

2.) I don't like pastels. What are pastels if not cute? And I must say that pastels are the few colors which don't go too well with black.

At least this skirt here does not:
It's one of the things I've got from Tokyo. I've mentioned it a while ago but said it was pastel pink, although it's obviously an egg shell yellow (I wonder what has mislead me so). It's a new road for me, I don't know what's at its end but it surely is a bumpy one. It's verrry cute AND it's pastel colored.

My typically initial idea was to pair it with black. I always do so with things I'm not yet sure how to wear them. And it ain't so bad an idea either most of the time.
However, I didn't think it worked. Too sharp a contrast. Not a breach of style anymore, only mismatched.

So I thought I should stick more to the color palette this pale yellow offered itself to. To keep it light and not to go away from it's own shade too much.
I didn't like that either. Although it was surely better than the first look. I couldn't find matching boots, though, and these were still too dark.

Today I finally gave up and surrendered to the kawaii-cutie-look I always tried to avoid. On the only condition to carry it to excess.
It was a risky decision, though. I usually don't feel 100% self-confident in high heels, even less in pumps. I don't feel very confident as a cutie pie in layers of frozen banana icing and whipped cream. And as the antonym of black I find white a messy thing to dress with.

In the course of the day I found my risky outfit even fun and cool, though. I liked the light and airy colors, so flimsy and ephemeral. I think that white tights are no less fun than colored tights. And even my pumps turned out to be really comfortable and easy to walk in.

In the end I couldn't let the cuteness stay all by itself, though, and paired it with my fake-leather jacket to de-cute-ify.
But as I said, the way I dress is like a protecting shield to me. If I don't want to be brought down by strangers and their comments or stares, I have to disarm them with my own self-confidence. Rather than saying, the way I dress is like a protecting shield, I should say that black is my protecting shield.


I've seen this cute (very obviously) Prada-inspired cardigan at my local H&M the other day and was instantly hooked up by the tie-dye look.
It did look pretty cute worn and you can never have enough cardigans, right?

In the end I left it at the counter asking the sales woman to return it for me. I have very pragmatically thought that I could simply wait until I'll be in the US and buy this, amongst other things from American Apparel I have my eyes on, with a better currency rate and get more for my money.

Unfortunately I'm of course not the only pragmatic in the world. The economy isn't stupid. D'uh. The €-price-tag for this cardigan, eg., was at 19,90€, which is about 29$ at the current rate. H&M is economy and isn't stupid either and tagged this cardigan at 29,90$.

I hope not all items are just so fussily adjusted.

Fixing Flaws

I don't even know whom I'm addressing with this or if I'm the right person to talk, but after reading this post by lc, I felt like maybe there are people, who read fashion blogs and magazines not only to get inspired, but to draw some conclusions for how to dress themselves from it. Also, I know how it is to feel insecure and a little overwhelmed by what is presented to me by the media claiming that this is the new "it"-item, a "must" this season, and I'm neither inclined to find it worth the money, nor do I think it fits my personality. So I wanted to share what I do think about style and clothing, it's nothing very deep but you will get a better understanding of why I dress like I dress and why I buy what I buy.

I'm all against rules, dos-and-don'ts and in-and-out-lists when it comes to fashion and style. However, there are rules which existence I admittedly cannot deny and even me observes assiduously. These rules everybody has to instruct for him/herself, because what they are to order and array is up to everyone's self. It's those rules which tell me, what looks good on me and with what I can get away with without feeling like an idiot or simply looking like I've tried but didn't know how.

However, like lc wrote, "dressing up with rules in mind, whether they be an imposed dress code or physical obstacles, spices things up and makes it all more interesting", rules can set a challenge, but, especially in fashion and style, they're also the illusionary limit of what it's getting even more fun to go beyond. There's no "do!" and there's no "don't!", but if you think there is, then it's the right thing to follow your feeling. It's never what others tell you to do or don't, though.
There IS something I don't: with a bust size like mine, wearing strapless bustier-top dresses or tops makes no sense (by the way, while browsing the US online shop of Urban Outfitters I did find a lot of things I'd buy in an instance - and I will!).

I love ruffles and drapings and little details and loose cuts because they hide and draw attention from my little belly - I eat too much...

I like the maxi-trend, though. It is said to make short people even shorter (optically) - but I don't care. Short is cute, OK?

In and out? Trends are fun to play around with. I love them, because they can be a quick fix for some temporary changes to your style and are good to mix things up a little. Just never let it take all over my understanding of style. There are certain things, that won't ever ever ever look right on me, although they might look fantastico on that superthin, slender and tall model sent over the catwalk by X.Y. to present his/her creations.
Sheer tights? Might look good on you, but I go for opaque because it optically slims my legs, whereas sheer doesn't contribute to a slender look. However, it always depends on what look you are trying to achieve!

If there's a trend-item catching my attention, though, I go for it! It's fun! Trial and error. We live, we learn.

When I shop or when I dress up, I hardly ever ponder if it suits me - the question is if I like it. If I like the look it evokes. The way I dress is a part of me, so I think it really has to be me and it has to look like me and everything I want to stand for. If I dressed up like a gogo-girl, I doubt that this would look in any way sexy unless I didn't believe it myself.

I dress to emphasize my personality. What do you dress for? Only for the good looks? To reflect what's your inside mood? To trigger a certain feeling? Whatever or whoever I dress for, though, what's even more important and stands above all others is a good feeling and fun.

Pointing Out

cultural differences:

Americans use less smileys :)

The bf confirmed it and I have always recognized the scarce use of smileys by American commentors, whereas I use them pretty often.

Are smileys out now? And the rest of the world has just forgotten about telling us? Are Germans generally slow?

Same Old Me Results In The Same Old Clothes EVERYtime

So retrospectively I do admit that this outfit resembles a lot the one I've published as the first one in my last post.

you see that belly? please don't stare at it so mischievously!

Yes, it's easy and therefore very cheap to combine the two accessories that coincidentally have the same shade of yellow to go with each other EVERYtime. Also, my wardrobe is held in a mute and more neutral than vivid color palette in general, so it's no surprise that the colors I wear on a day to day basis repeat! But is my friend right??? Do I really always buy the same things all over again, only in a different shade of grey or slightly alternated? I mean, yes, I do have preferences and I know what I think looks good on me and ok, there are shapes I prefer to others and yes, I tend to choose black over navy and so on and etc. I felt a bit offended when she alleged that I had the same problem as her, though, always sticking to things permanently, repeating the same shopping scheme and being conservative when chosing clothes.

I really feel offended. I DON'T think that this skirt looks the same like the dress before. I just admit that the yellow boots with the yellow scarf and all the grey colors MAY be reminiscent of this other outfit. You see, it's all very vain and shallow and nothing worth to think about longer than 5 minutes.

Especially since I have better to do!

I'm off!

Poses Post

One random fact about me: I cannot stay natural in front of a cam.

NO - I DON'T pick my nose here. That would give a whole other meaning to pickpersonal.

I'm kind of excited these days because our plans got more concrete and I'll be going to the US end of February and stay until mid-April. I'm really looking forward to it because 1. the $ to the € is such that in the US I'm a RICH GIRL, 2. we're planning on some trips to other parts of the US as well while I'll be there and 3. of course because of all the shopping and its advantages resulting from 1. and 2.

I will be staying in Florida, just a couple of hours from Miami in Sarasota. We will definitely take a trip to Las Vegas while we're there because the bf has some work relations connecting to Sin City and last but not least we are planning to take a trip to New York as well. I just can't miss the chance to go there since we're staying at the East Coast and I imagine New York the second most interesting metropolis on earth (after, you've guessed it, Tokyo) and just like Tokyo I've always wanted to go, so now here we go! Watch out lc, finally I'm gonna drag you out the blogosphere forcing you to spend some real-life time with me! I swear!

My first trip to the US had been a bit disappointing shopping-wise since I had taken off totally spontaneously, had made no plans and thus had almost no money left to spare, let alone spend on clothes (the San Francisco MUNI gorged it ALL). This time however, it's going to be a EXTENSIVE, EXHAUSTING shopping-tour, I'll be combing through each and every retailer the US has to offer and which I always read about but was never able to get my hands on (F21, Urban Outfitters US, Old Navy, Target, etc.) and every shop that I'll encounter on my way.

So looking forward to it!

Tag The Bag

Oooh, I like memes like that, I can talk about me and what I wear and how I drink my tea because in real life no one wants to hear but on my blog I can talk as much as I want about me and then I get tagged and have an even better excuse talking about myself.

So lc tagged me obliging me to list six items which can be found in my bag. That's a tough one, because I carry a LOOOOT of useless stuff around me the whole day and it usually depends on where I'm on my way to (books for uni) and then I usually forget all my things at home (especially the things I'd really need), because I change my bags depending on what I wear and also, my bags are so huge and I'm always running late, so I am very hectic when changing and packing bags so I forget things in the one bag and carry something I don't need in the other and so on.

So this is what has been in it when I just got home today from work:

My diary with purikura-stickers of the bf and me.
My cell (but no one calls, they only call if I left it at home).
My wallet from Osaka.
Pills, because I've been ill these days.
Another small bag containing cosmetics - I always put smaller things in small bags because my handbags are very large and I lose things in it and don't find them again so I group these small things in other small bags and then I have a big bag filled with small bags.
Wire-hanger from work. I always stole hangers from my mom which she got from the dry-cleaner and I've been running out of hangers lately so I got myself some more from work. Today I've even asked for them instead of smuggling them out in secret. Thought they returned them to the dry-cleaner.

Now I forgot how much I have to tag, but I tag Fruchtzwerg, mahret, wendy and milk.


My take on reasonable shopping in Tokyo has been in vain, so it seems. I have strictly bought clothes that I knew would work with my wardrobe at home as well. However, due to NO CLOTHES from home to change I have somewhat collected a whole new second parallel wardrobe there which had all to match with each other well, too. Now I'm too lazy to shuffle it all up sticking to the combos I had in mind when I've been there, means, combos that could possibly only involve the clothing I got there. I know that the new additions would make a great extension to my old wardrobe, just somebody give me a kick and let it make a union!

When I walked out of the house this morning I almost instantly felt the critical, fashion-unconscious and sceptical eyes of what are called Germans falling upon me (yellow tights!). It's just that taking fashion risks in Germany is still taking a risk. I guess it is possibly still that way in most parts of the world. However, I felt very free and unobserved in Tokyo, where it is said that really ANYTHING goes.

Staying unobserved was actually a bit of an unexpected disappointment when I've been to Tokyo for the first time. Just at that particular place where I'd wanted to stand out a bit and get some reactions from the Japanese, I just went under, whereas it doesn't take much to stand out in Germany if only because I'm Asian.

On the other hand, I imagine it being very tiring to be under this enormous pressure to look good each and every day, since Japanese girls, even if they didn't take a lot of effort and are of a more simple type or are not very pretty, EVERYONE in Japan dresses up. I mean, they ALL take a second look into the mirror. I've not seen ONE jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, except maybe tourists. It's a WHOLE other perception of dressing and fashion/style there than it is in most parts of the world, at least in those I've been to.

Germany is one of the other extremes, where a young, nicely dressed girl is still a rarity when out in the city. Where you're simply thought as a vain and shallow being if you take effort in dressing up and looking nice, especially if you do so in a very obvious manner and if you actually look like you've thought twice about how to pull your hair back.

I blame it on the demographic development and the average age that people have here. The number of old people in comparison to the number of young people here could be only a characteristic of Munich, though.

BUT doesn't Japan have the same demographic tendencies and aren't they suppose to even age faster than we in the Western world? Why is it that in Tokyo I see young people around everywhere, colorful and vivid, while in Munich I see young people, but they're very scarce and seem to be scattered among old people? AND if I see them they hardly stand out from our dear old senior citizens optically.

First, and this is not fashion and youth related, it's because of society and its dealing with this demographic problem. In Germany old people are vital and can, because they have to, care for themselves, whereas in Japan it is still common that the family takes the elders in and cares for them. Which is why they hardly ever come out of their houses if they don't need to, because they are cared for. In Germany old people have to manage it all by themselves - running errands, doing groceries, so they're all about town and not hid at home where they don't do crowds.

In Japan, youth is the short life you've got in between a dominant school life and a dominant work life. And I think most of you may have heard about the extent of uniformity assiduously performed in Japan. Youth and with it liberty and possible self-expression is therefore of great value because it doesn't last long. They live their youth and express it in various ways, I believe, but here, I only look for their self-expression through clothes and fashion.

My other, personal theory is (though I MUST consist that I haven't prove it yet to be right at ALL, so please don't kill me), that for a girl, being vain and shallow ain't that bad and no reason for disdain in Asia like it is in Europe/Germany. When I was in Viet Nam my cousin was no little surprised about how much I knew and how well I was to talk with, while the girls there, he told me, were very vain indeed and surely not the best choice for a good, entertaining, smart conversation, although the girls he knows must be university girls and thus of equal education. It is that they are going to marry anyways and that cooking skills, tidyness and obedience were still valued higher than anything else for girls. Linking this issue to Japan is risky and not at all without faults, but from what I know of Japan - I study Japanese sciences, so I THINK I know a little bit - although they're a high-tech, far developed and modern nation, the Japanese mind is still strongly attached to Confucian values and moral standards and in means of individualism and women's emancipation still far behind the "West". I wouldn't be surprised if a girl in Japan felt more encouraged to make an effort of dressing up and prink than of her education.

I'm still pondering about taking a dip into the sales circus that's held at H&M and Zara (and all shops in general) at the moment. I KNOW I'd find something really nice and useful AND it would be on sale. Only I've spent enough in a few days already, is my longing for still more justifiable or am I just a victim to the women's fashion circus in general?

I guess it must be the latter.

Can anyone tell me if this season's sale is worth it, especially at H&M? Just to make the reluctance even harder to keep up.

Tokyo Trend Report Continued

Head over to Picky Picks Pics, as I post all the other fashion pics from my mags over there and leave some comments about them.

Tokyo Trend Report II
Yummi Eye-Candy For You To Hang Into Your Locker And Kiss

Tokyo Trend Report

I'm not as talented as LC in stalking other people and catching pictures of them in secret and on the sly, so I need some magazine and Japanese blog footage to back up my observations. Because honestly, I TRIED to take some pictures myself, but always ended up with a picture of someone's back because I couldn't bring myself to get one properly always fearing detection.

I wanted to report about some of the trend phenomenons going on in Tokyo this season nonetheless, because when there's a trend going on in Japan you'll see plenty of extensions. And that's what I did: seeing plenty of

- Norwegian prints and knits.
Ha! Ok, there haven't been only Norwegian themed long knit sweater dresses, there have also been Norwegian themed skirts, sweaters, caps and hats, cuffs and hoisery. It's what Germans would wear if they were going up the mountains to a hut to go skiing or just sit romantically in front of a fire. And even if they did and they were pulling out a Norwegian themed clothing, they'd limit it to a pullover. Not so Japanese. See here for what I mean.

- Trekking shoes.It's a phenomenon up til now only observed in Japan where petite boys and girls love their shoes big! Trekking shoes are not the most flattering kind of shoes in general, imo, and them being a huge trend in Japan baffled me a little. Well, at least they're creative when it comes to create trends. Also, this blog Tokyobopper is all about a shop and its staff which sells trekking shoes. And maybe this trend is not at all only Japan-specific. But what I CAN state here is that Japanese do have a strange affinity to large shoes. Which makes me sometimes think of Diddl. You know Diddl??

- Parkas, Ugg-boots and earmuffs. Not necessarily together.

Ankle boots.

Leather jackets.

Lenseless glasses.
They had a MASSIVE range of lenseless glasses. I hadn't any nerve combing through each shop's selection, but amongst them were quite a lot of really cool, spectacularly outstanding and original frames worth a picture. Too bad that I didn't want to risk a bad look and a "taking photos is not allowed in our shops" shouted at me. Although Japanese sales person never shout at you. They're really nice. Oh, and concerning this picture: IS or IS NOT this girl to the left here the girl Dreamecho stalked via the Internet to find more information about her some while ago? Looks like it! Alarm!

Of course there's a lot more going on in the streets of Tokyo. Only, it's late and as I've not taken any pics myself, I cannot remember it all exactly anymore and to which extent the trends were worn statistically. Maybe I can someday add some more points.

I Love To Pose

Pale Pink, Or: The Road To Pastels

So, yeah, shopping in Tokyo had been really successful. Especially since I now know better what is compatible with my personal style and taste. I've even undergone a style-evolution stepping out of my usual scheme of neutrals and blackblackblack.

Yeesss, u see, it's a PALE PINK sweater dress. I've additionally even bought a pale pink skirt (not this one), although that skirt had been available in black as well. And you need to know: I hate(d) pastels! So, I think I've stepped out of my usual behaviour letting my style still revolve and stay open for change. Well, may not seem too overdramatic for you - me in a pale pink clothing. However, if you looked closely into my wardrobe, there actually really isn't a lot of pastels.


Haha, by the way, the title of my last post was SUPPOSED to shock you and make u expect the worst at first sight harrharr. I'm such a meanie! XD

I'd really like to post some Tokyo related things and in what my trip has resulted shopping-wise, but all the post-worthy material is stuck on my Digital cam right now and no way getting it from there into my notebook. So this will have to suffice until next time, the pastel colored goodies are waiting to be shown.

So I know I'm being very unreasonable and irresponsible and am going over the top after taking a trip to Tokyo merely to go shopping, fill an empty bag with a big bunch of new clothes and now am getting all itchy and antsy receiving newsletters every week announcing "now up to 75% off" and knowing that the post-Christmas/winter-sale is on! Yes, you saw it coming and you're right, I want to shop these 75%-off-items. Now! And a lot of them. Couldn't resist clicking thru the sales-section of and Urban Outfitters UK and H&M, which finally added the Trend-line to their online-shop, yay!


Maybe that skirt?

I love the blue rucksack with the blue dress. Cuteee!

I so want to copy this!!!!!!!!

Urban Outfitters UK:
If only my no-boobs-ness allowed me...

Kinda cute.

Ooh, very eighties and all. Mammy likey. is always a good address for shoes:

Totally wanted these like forever. If only the shipping cost weren't so high! Anyone interested in purchasing them for me and shipping them to me for the price shipping from UK to DE REALLY costs?

As I'm a lazy ass and hang around at home as much as I can and whenever I have time just chilling in bed, watching movies or surfing the internet, I am a sucker for comfortable homewear. I usually don't wear clothes at home which I wear on the streets and I love wearing cutie-pies of nightwear to sleep at night.