Just before the big night out for New Year's Eve the bf and me take a time out and are just staying at the hotel. After my last post from Tokyo I decided to stop the mad shopping-frenzy for clothes, because primarily it turned out that my empty bag I came with is jam-packed already anyways. Also, the bf finally decided to go for the PS3 he has brooded about so long and we went to Akihabara and got a black one and a few games. Now we're spending our last days with only eating out, looking for new games, getting home early, taking hot baths and play. We're very relaxed and still having a good time.

Also, I can show you a few of the things I got here (besides the clothes).

Of course I got magazines. I bought four, actually, but no So-En.
The latest issues are all full of Street Style Snaps and if I was able to read Japanese properly, I could tell you why. Unfortunately, I don't know myself.

Just a few excerpts:

I also got two for men for the bf. The style exhibited inside is mad cool. If I get any chance, I'll post some excerpts from them as well someday.

I thought about getting some funny cosmetic stuff that's only available in Japan, for example this SANA Hot Gommage with Morocco lava stones which is supposed to heat up when wet and suck the blackheads out of the skin (second red tube from right).I also stocked up on my fave eye-liner (first pack from left) and mascara (not pictured) from Japan. Also shown is my very cool Shu Uemura Skin Purifier which I am very much in love with, simply because I think it looks nice, haha. Also very good and to recommend the Climax Moisture Powdery Foundation by Maquillage by Shiseido (far right). I checked some online shops shipping to Germany already and saw that it's not available there, so I simply bought another refill, too.

I do not smoke and don't have any need for matches anyways, but when I saw these I thought I need to get them. Crazy.
What a stupid idea.

The PS3.
Hailing from TKY I cannot let this opportunity pass and not leave a little Style-Diary-ish post.

First day - need new clothes. Came with, like, nothing to change!

Area around our hotel in Shinjuku.

Second day - I need more clothes. Went out on a massive shopping spree. Very successfully!

Me in Shibuya.

Day three: went to the haven's fish markets in the morning and grabbed some of the most freshest sushi available for breakfast! Was the 24th of Dec which is Christmas Eve in Germany but the day before Christmas Eve in the US, I think.

After breakfast. Figuring out what to do next.

In the end, we went bowling. I'm mad untalented. Had the lowest score for two rounds.

Got Korean Bulgogi for dinner. Don't know what these funny effects were caused by.

The bf in Koreatown in Shin-Okubo.

Day five was entirely dedicated to shopping all day thru. The bf went to amusement parks with friends meanwhile. Met up in the evening to have really nice dinner (again, Korean, Bulgalbi, YUMMI)

Day five: Met up with a friend of mine who felt encouraged to go to Tokyo, also, but stays at a friend of ours who lives near Yokohama. Went to Onsen, Japanese hot baths.

We had been to Tokyo together last year and had a jolly good time. This time we haven't seen each other except on this day.

Went to Yokohama's Chinatown (one of the largest in the world) to grab Chinese food. Way too expensive and I'm not a fan of Chinese cuisine either.

Day six we've been to Ginza. I bought one of Shu Uemura's legendary cleansing oil.

Went to Shiodome afterwards to the ADMT, Advertising Museum TKY, to catch a glimpse of noteworthy Advertising campaigns.

Day seven - today - grabbed Katsudon for breakfast and Matcha Frappuccino Lattes plus Muffin at Starbucks (I know, it's lame).

Catch a glimpse of what's on display in stores.

Nicely built Audi Center in Harajuku's Meiji Dori.

In search of wearable clothes for the bf (Japanese brands do not fit him).

Still five days to go. The result until now: lots of cool clothes (for me at least). Really nice stuff I'm very content about. The last time I've been here I got stuff I don't know the least how to wear in the end, this time I know what I want and what I need and always come home with things I'm really happy I've bought. Next up is Uniqlo for jeans. For the rest of the days I think I have spent enough money on clothes. See ya!

Lists Are Lists Are Lists And I'm Obliged To Do As They Say

So it's not very long until I'll be going to Tokyo for a couple of days. Soooo looking forward to it, I'm really excited and it's really just a few days left until take-off (six, to be exact). I've already told the bf to plan some activities he'd like to do and me myself really need to note a few things I shan't forget to look out for over there. As Germany is obviously not the right market place for the most beautiful and popular brands and labels to sell here, I make a detour and take the opportunity to still get my hands on some.

Lover The Label - I swear, as nearly as every girl on My Style Diary who is from Australia seems to be obsessed with this label (also very striking is the amount of Philip Lim 3.1 each of them seem to own in their closet) Stockists in Japan:


Tabio real opaque tights, like, 110den or so, digg THAT! Ok, they say "We have over 250 stores in Japan, the following is a small selection of our flagship stores." I guess I'll check out this one at


MON-SAT 11:00-20:00
SUN 11:00-21:00

Also Kova&T seem to have a really snug and pretty collection. I don't expect it to be low-priced (since one stockist is in Ginza), I'd rather like to see if I won't be affording something from them nonetheless. Just as a little reward to myself for ___________ (insert any lame excuse for shopping for darn pretty fine thangs). Stockists in Tokyo: Mint Julip
6-23-3, 3f Jingumae
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-001 Japan

Ginza Store
4-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-3562-1111

Of course I'm gonna stock up on some fashion mags real hard core and gonna indulge in So-en as introduced by lc (just for the copy-cat factor and continue this little series of coverage of following issues of So-en as so done by dreamecho) and others - yay, lil momma!
Mmmmmmh - can u see I'm sooooooo excited?

We Gon' Party Like It's Your Birthday

I had a grand birthday party this friday and I felt like sharing. It was so much fun, more than I've ever dared to hope it would be and I was so happy to have all my closest friends over to celebrate my 22nd anniversary and the move into my new apartment. We were dining Vietnamese spring rolls and guzzling "Gl├╝hwein"and hot chocolate with baileys and of course beer.

I am always wondering why Asian always stick to Asian. I still don't understand, but maybe I don't need to because I do it myself without knowing. I have a fine and nice selection of Asian chicks around me although I don't think I ever care about where people come from, actually. I suppose it must be more of a coincidence.

We both are like evil sisters, always fighting and quarreling. But at the end of the day we know we kind of belong together although neither of us admits.

There have been more guests attending and more pics taken, but because Asians seem to share a certain affinity to cameras most of the pictures were just about us. It's a miracle that there is no peace-sign in sight.

Keep It Or Leave It?

Just got it yesterday per mail and cannot decide on. The bf does not like it. Maybe it's my no-boobs-ness or it's the tulip-shape that accentuate my hips. Anyways, suggestions anyone? Worth the 20€? How do you like it? Just looking at the pictures I am no sure at ALL about it, really need help here I suppose.