80ies Mamma

I found this jacket in my mama's restaurant's cellar in a blue plastic trash bag (with some of my winter coats I was going to dig out). I don't really know whose this is, but it is very likely my mama's. Considering the size it could also be my dad's, though. Anyhoo. I do not buy any vintage (I hate the smell in them stores and it's a weird feeling wearing stuff others may have worn decades ago, I also hate theatre requisites, you never know who's touched it), but it's ok to wear second hand if you know the person you took it from, right?

It's very like this:
She was shot by Face Hunter today. So is this in now? Am I cool?

View From The Fifth Floor

The view from my new attic floor apartment. It's the most dreary weather here.

100th Post Today


The Answer Is...

It hasn't been very obvious on the last picture, I do admit. But it's the button! Yes, the one is still missing and I had to replace it with another, which is the same fabric but unfortunately another color. Opinions differ if it's "O.K.", "good" or "nayyy". I think it's more a nay but cannot think of anything else right now. If anyone does own the same coat and has left a button and wants to give me it, lemme know :)

And thanks for the compliments on the hat :D It's from Kyoto.

New Home

I've officially moved into my new apartment yesterday. Last night I spent the first night here. Although it's not yet perfect, it's great!

For all those who worried about the stress that I must have had, please don't worry! It wasn't all that stressful, just a little inconvenience in between lectures (with packing and buying new furniture and all), but the rest has been prepared for me in a very comfortable manner and there wasn't a lot left to do except finally moving in myself.

And because I don't have very much time left until I have to leave for work, I want to thank lc and especially Yann for their super nice book recommendations! I definitely will choose something from Yann's advices and am very glad about such nice and dedicated answers! Thank you!

And now I'm off to work. I guess there IS stress involved...

P.S.: Points for those, who can tell what's "wrong with the coat".

I'm Sorry

for all the fashion-unrelated posts lately. The reason for this being simply my temporary state of homeless-ness. I am staying with the bf at the moment with only a few clothes I have to manage with (it's pretty interesting, though, with how many different outfits I could come up with nonetheless, maybe I can reconstruct this someday) and I cannot take self-aggrandizing pictures without the bf laughing at me. So...


The bf promised to watch this movie with me at about 9pm and now it's 10.30. I've seen this movie already and recommend it to everyone who wants to see something crazy which only Japanese can create with their own sense of humor. Read a review and see ratings at imdb (which is the bf's and my ultimate authority about the quality of a movie).

The Romantic German

What I wear today.

I love the vignetting by cameras when you take a picture of the edges of a room. Oh, my English is at its limits. Anyone who know what I mean please leave a message and I send you a real nice cookie!


Yes, I'm back. I love posing, obviously.

Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't better to show the other side of me to hinder you from thinking of me as as shallow and vain as it may look like judging from what you can see on the blog. Then again, if I told you I was actually smart, would you like to believe me? What I do admit is that I seldom have any smart ideas for blog posts. And what I'm really incapable of is expressing my thoughts in words, anyways. So I guess it's appropriate for you to think of me as daft, as long as I know I am actually not. I just don't think I need to prove it to anyone besides.

Fools' Garden Good Bye For Now

Sadly you won't be seeing this nice cutie of a garden for some time, I suppose. I moved out already, although my new flat is not yet done. I am staying with the bf at the moment but hope to get it all done soon with moving and all.

This is my new coat I talked about, btw. I lost a button and then also lost the back up button. D'oh! Now I have to re-button it with a complete other set of buttons.

Electric Blue

Hola amigos! Got myself another pair of mad nice shoes. I really only wanted to buy some ear-warmer but ended up with these:

Picture is from Nitro:licious (thanks to retrogurl! I always get back to her blog to provide some pictures of H&M stuff which is never online elsewhere).

Can anyone tell me what crazy cool color combination (--> alliteration) is there with hot electric blue? And don't tell me "no black with electric blue!", Lauren ;)

Lucky Me

Although I have actually been in search of new shoes, I spent all my money on a new coat instead (of which a photo is soon to come, I promise, Lauren). Why I went on search in the first place is because my mum had bought these here for cheap and I thought they'd really look nice on myself as well.
At last I could not be convinced to buy them myself nonetheless and left the shop only to now find out that my mum's size does fit my feet, too! Happy me, I neither need to neccessarily buy new shoes, nor do I have to regret my splurge on the coat and still can have both!

Maybe some of you are a little turned off by me wearing stuff my mum would wear. I think the uber granny-ish look and feel of the first pair does totally make a fierce statement, though (I love that they are lace-ups). The shoes are by Deichmann, by the way, a German company for cheap shoes.


It's storming, raining and snowing. My ears terribly hurt after a ten minutes walk from the train to my parents' home. I am now still here packing and wrapping all my stuff into boxes and bags. Today three trashbags filled with shoes left home for my new flat. I have only the clothes I've come in left at here. Tomorrow I will stop by the new flat between lectures and movies in the evening to store all that stuff into the new racks and presumably sleep the last night in my old bed before spending the first night in my new on Tuesday. Actually I haven't bought a bed just yet, I will have to bear with only a mattress for the time being. The main thing is I can finally stay there, though. Moving is such a fuss! If I find the time I will post the last pictures taken in my garden, which I will miss for some decent little self-absorbed photoshoots.