A picture which tells a lot about the creator. ME! If you wondered. Egocentric? A little bit, maybe.

To be honest? Yeahhh... there's a hint toooo much of me in this... way over the top this time...

War And Peace

Reading Tolstoi's War And Peace surely influences me at the moment. I'm in love with the picture Tolstoi is drawing of Russia in the Napoleonic era, when the people wore fur, and riding boots because they really rode horses and the men wore mustaches.

So here I am with my brave soldiers, waiting for the signal to go against the French at Borodino, ready to sacrifice our lives for the motherland. And, yes, I copied Bonaparte's gesture, but my hand is cold and everything French is à la mode anyways.



Too lazy to accessorize, lately.

The Dress III

Had not been all that wrong buying this dress at last. And if I was ever invited to some gala-like event, wedding or similarly official, formal party, guess in what dressed I would attend?

Yes. The Dress.

Fool's Garden

Yeah, the same scheme all over again. But BETTER. At least, I like it better this way.

Today's Outfit

I'm getting a little scared. Before I sleep I think of cooking, after I wake up I think of cooking and on my way home from my train I think of cooking. Is this some kind of compensation therapy for my ongoing shopping ban or is it the outlet of my bored brain which actually knows I should get my a** up and study again (new semester is calling in a week) but can't fight the lazyness. I am obviously a little obsessed with cooking and this makes me feel bad... Worse than shopping ever did. Should really sit down and study.

Re-Worked:The Boots

I am wondering what of this outfit makes these boots wearable because for the length of my legs these boots actually have the worst height. So you can guess that I never wear these booties because they are mostly unflattering. I think it must be the length of the dress or maybe it's its curved hemline, though, and knowing the fact that these boots work with something I can look for similar schemes with which to wear them.